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Look Your Best on Your Special Day
Every project requires some form of prep work in order to achieve a beautiful finish and your hair and skin are no different! Follow these tips for a stress free day and leave with the results you're longing for.
  • Have a trial run at least 2 months before the wedding day. This allows your stylist to get to know you, what your goals are, your likes and dislikes, and also gives them insight to how your hair will behave. This will allow them to recommend the proper products or services needed to achieve your dream hair. Does your hair refuse to hold a curl? Is it super frizzy, yet you want an elegantly smooth style? Does your hair support the look you've chosen or would you need extensions? All of these questions can be answered through the trial. It also allows you to see if you love the look as much on you as you do on someone else. Follow the link here for ways to ensure a successful trial.
  • Come with clean, dry hair. Hair that produces too many natural oils can make styling difficult as the need for excessive dry shampoo can make the end result appear chalky and frizzy. While rumor has it that hair styles better when it's dirty, we prefer it to be washed the day before. We also recommend skipping the flat iron before coming to see us as hair that has been straightened is more difficult to curl. It's ok if you shampoo the day of too, just make sure the hair is completely dry to avoid taking up precious time from your stylist and adding an extra charge to your bill.
  • Prep your skin. Makeup HATES dry skin! To avoid looking cakey, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and get an even coverage with your foundation, we recommend coming with clean, moisturized skin. If you're naturally prone to dryness, you can take an extra step by gently exfoliating a week before. Avoid cakey lipstick by moisturizing and exfoliating those lips too!
  • Try eye brightening drops. Make your eyes pop by eliminating any redness prior to your makeup service.
  • Wear a button up shirt or other loose fitting top. You don't want to spend all of this time getting your hair and makeup done then ruin it when it's time to change. Plan ahead by wearing something that's easy to remove.
  • Don't touch your hair or face! Touching your hair can break up the hairspray resulting in less hold and touching your face can remove your makeup. Keep looking fabulous throughout the night by being strategic about when and where you're touching.
  • Have a touchup kit available. If you absolutely love the lip color your stylist used, ask if you can take a small sample with you or purchase a tube for later. You'll definitely need to refresh after dinner, drinks, and kissing your husband all night! A little powder, oil blotting sheets, tissues, extra bobby pins, and hairspray are good to have on hand too.
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