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How to Have a Successful Bridal Trial
You've chosen your salon and stylist and have the date reserved so what happens now? At Hair Innovations and Day Spa, we recommend scheduling a trial so you can preview your look. While a trial may not be for everyone, it helps give you peace of mind that you'll not only look great, but feel great on your wedding day. Nothing is worse than having to settle for something that you don't like, especially when you'll have photos to look at for the rest of your life! This appointment should take place at least 2 months before the wedding so you have time to decide if you need to make any changes. Read on to see tips for a successful preview!
 1. Have a vision. Do you want your wedding to be whimsical, romantic, elegant, or is Bohemian chic your style? Sharing this with your stylist along with your wedding colors, dress, and overall goals will help your stylist understand what style will fit your theme and compliment your dress the best. 
2. Bring Photos! Photos will help your stylist know what your goals are. Have a few on hand and be prepared to share what you like and don't like about each one. Try to find photos of hair that is similar in color to yours. Highlights add more texture and definition to styles than solid shades of hair color so know your hair will show the style differently if it's not similar in shade. Also, be wary of pictures you find on Pinterest as a lot of those models have extensions and the extra hair and length can affect the overall look of the style. 
3. Stay true to you. Yes it's your wedding and you want to do something special, but you still want to look and feel like yourself when the big day arrives. Find a look that compliments you so you can feel comfortable and relaxed at your wedding.
4. Ask about Pre-trial prep. Most stylists will ask that you come with clean, dry hair (preferably washed the night before) and clean moisturized skin. If your schedule doesn't allow you to come with a fresh face, bring your cleanser and moisturizer with you so you can do it at the salon.
5. Wear a similar color and neckline to your wedding dress. You won't feel like a bride if you wear a t-shirt or yoga pants to your trial so try to wear something that will help you visualize what you'll look like that day.
6. Bring your Bridal accessories. If you're planning on wearing a clip, pin, tiara, or veil, having those items on hand for the trial will help you see how it will work with your style. Maybe you choose to wear it in a different location than you initially thought, or maybe you have a couple of items you like and need help narrowing it down. Seeing it all come together will give you a better sense of the completed end result. 
7. Be honestYour wedding is all about you and so is your trial. Speak up if you're not loving what you're seeing in the mirror so your stylist can make the necessary changes. Most professionals won't be offended if you let them know you want something done differently, just be kind in your delivery as they have feelings too! They want you to be happy and will be more than happy to make the requested adjustments for you.
8. Bring your bag of favorite makeup items. If you have items that you love and know work well with your skin, bring them with you so your stylist can use them or pick similar shades to what you wear regularly. Bonus points if it's the lip color you're planning to wear for your wedding day!
9. Take photos. It will help you reflect on the look between the trial and the wedding and will also help your stylist remember what you loved and didn't love about it.
10. Make plans to go out afterwards. Giving yourself a chance to wear the look for a bit will give you a better idea of how it will hold up over time, but will also give it a chance to grow on you if it's something outside of the box for you. 
All of these tips are designed to create the best possible experience for you. Just remember, your happiness is the most important thing to us and the benefits of a trial far outweigh the additional cost! Contact the salon to reserve a trial with your stylist and give yourself one less thing to be anxious about.
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