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Bring the Party to Us
If you're looking for a budget friendly way to receive hair and makeup services on your wedding day, then bringing the party to us is the best option. We have space at the salon for you to set up snacks and beverages, places for everyone to relax between services, and we also have access to all of the tools, makeup, and hair products we could possibly need for your wedding day. Know exactly what you're spending ahead of time by scheduling a free quote with our Salon Wedding Coordinator at the link below! (See our Bridal gallery here).

In order to get an accurate quote, we'll need to know the total number of hair and makeup services you're requesting ahead of time. Please discuss this with your party before requesting a quote. We'll also need to know whether they're bridesmaids, parents of the bride or groom, flower girls, etc as this information can influence the time we'll need to allot for services along with the cost. We'll also be asking when everyone will need to be finished by. Please discuss schedules with your photographer so we can plan an accurate start and finish time.

A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking and is refundable up until 2 weeks prior to the date of service. At this point, it becomes Non-refundable (to make up for the time reserved on the stylist's books). The difference will be paid at the completion of service. To make your checkout experience as smooth as possible, we request that the person who made the deposit also be the one to pay the final bill. You can collect payment from the individuals before or after checkout. Thank you!
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