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Hair Color

Hair color is the fastest way to transform your look. With a variety of brands and everything from semi-permanent to permanent hair color available at our salon, the possibilities are endless! Get your dream hair by scheduling a free consultation today!


We are a performance based, multi-level salon therefore the starting price will depend on which stylist you see. Factors that can affect the overall cost are: length and density of your hair, complexity of your chosen look, and the amount of products used to achieve your desired end result. Regardless of your beauty budget, we have stylists available to meet all of your needs!

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  • Base Color: $45-$65+

  • Chromatics: $55-$75+

  • Gloss/Color topcoat: $45-$65+

  • Extra Color: $20+

  • Corrective color: $45-$75+ per hour

  • Multidimensional color: $45-$75+ per hour

  • Partial color: $22-$34+

  • Brow tint: $5

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  • Partial Highlight: $45-$75+

  • Full Highlight: $60-$100+

  • Heavy Highlight: $45-$75+ per hour

  • Cap Highlight: $45-$75+

  • Balayage: $45-$75+ per hour

  • Platinum Blonde: $45-$75+ per hour

  • Refinement/Toning: $20 (when done same-day as blonding service)

  • Tonal Refresh: $45-$65+

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 7 day guarantee on all products and services in our salon. Any questions or concerns must be presented within this time frame to avoid additional charges.

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